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Our Mission

With over 50 years of combined automotive experience, our team is dedicated to providing accurate information based on real-life experience. Nothing is more important to us that the safety of our readers. Therefore, our motor pros give expert recommendations based on their professional experience, combined with genuine user feedback. This way, we can help our readers make informed decisions about their purchases. 

Meet Our Team of Experts

The people who know about motors.

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John Peterson


John has over 20 years of experience in the automotive sector working as a sales manager for a large brand retailer. He understands the industry and how important customer satisfaction is. 

Over the years, John has developed a keen eye for detail when it comes to cars, tires, and accessories and knows the difference between a top-tier product and something masquerading as one. 

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Sean Watson

Senior Writer

Sean is an expert writer with years of experience working on high authority automotive websites.

As the former owner of a full-service repair shop, it is safe to say Sean knows his way around a motor. Sean is passionate on educating the general public about basic maintenance and how they can keep their vehicles safe and road-worthy.


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Clint Thomas


Clint’s start in the automotive industry started similar to a lot of other guys, building and fixing cars at the weekends with his father. This eventually leads to Clint opening his own restoration garage and building custom motors for clients nationwide. 

Clint is passionate about the little things that make cars great, like accessories, and he is here to give his expert opinion on the top products on the market.

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Philip Jackson


Philip has worked as an automotive consultant for over 20 years. 

He had an early start in the industry, helping out in his uncle’s garage as a young boy. As a consultant, he has his finger on the pulse and knows what products are important to professionals and consumers alike.