Accelera Tires Review

Accelera Tires Review

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Are you in need of a new set of tires? Maybe you don’t have the budget to buy high-end tires, but is it necessary to spend big bucks for a new set? We beg to differ, as we believe that affordability doesn’t necessarily translate to “cheap.”

This company is a somewhat new brand that has quickly gained the interests of many professional drivers worldwide. We’re taking a closer look at the brand in our detailed Accelera tires review to see if the tires are worth it.


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Accelera Alpha

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What we’ll look at in our Accelera Tires review:

  • Where Accelera tires are made.
  • Price range.
  • Where you can buy the tires.
  • What customers are saying.
  • Top models from Accelera.

Accelera Tires Review


Where Are Accelera Tires Made?

Accelera is an Indonesian tire manufacturer founded in 1997. The brand is positioned as a lifestyle brand, with more focus on the performance segment. However, the company offers various tires for different vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, CUVs and four-by-fours.

The tires are shipped directly from the manufacturing facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. Once the tires leave the facility, they’re sent to domestic dealers that distribute the tires to smaller dealers who sell them to consumers.

One thing that sets this brand apart from others is competitive warranty coverage. Many cheaper tires often don’t come with a warranty at all, prompting consumers to look elsewhere for a more trusted service. The warranty typically covers mileage and road hazards for one to five years.


The brand offers a range of tires at affordable price points. The tires aren’t among the cheapest or most expensive but fall somewhere in between.

A set of four tires can cost between $145 and $400. An individual Accelera tire can cost between $80 and $100.

Where Can I Buy Accelera at Tires?

The tires are available from various sources, including individual sellers, shops and online at Amazon.

The brand’s official website also features a search tool to help you find a dealer near you.


Are the Tires Any Good?

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The brand manufactures its tires with a customized technology that ensures automation throughout the production process. Furthermore, it uses silica compounds in the tires that provide durability, improved handling, traction and tread life.

What Are Customers Saying?

Are the tires really what they’re hyped up to be? By the sound of the company, the tires must be among the greatest, but what are real consumers experiencing?

The Good

Most tire reviews are excellent, with consumers commenting on the traction, saying the Accelera tire provides a good grip on dry and wet roads. The tires also made quite the impression on many consumers, considering the quality and performance you get for a reasonable price.

Drivers are also impressed by the handling and the overall look of the tires. The mud-tires look incredibly tough.

The Bad

Let’s ease into this one, shall we?

One common issue with Accelerate tires is tread wear. We found several customer reviews stating the tires wore down rather quickly and needed to be replaced. In saying that, many also commented and said they’d gladly purchase another set.

Balancing the tires correctly also seems to be an issue. Although professionals do the balancing, some consumers still experienced some vibrations when driving at higher speeds, indicating the car is off-balance.

Some of the tires tend to make quite a lot of noise when driving on pavement, which becomes more frustrating when driving around town.

Understeer seems to be another issue across the different tires. Understeer happens when the front wheels begin slipping, causing the car to plow straight ahead despite you trying to steer. It’s a scary occurrence that most often occurs on wet or slippery roads.

One of the more serious issues has been with the warranty. Now, the company prides itself on the warranty it offers; however, a few too many consumers were let down.

Some said in tire reviews that they never received a reply from customer service, whereas others were told the warranty didn’t cover the issue.


Tire Examples: Accelera Tire Review

Accelera offers a great variety and affordable prices. We’ve gathered some of the more popular ones in our tire reviews:


Accelera X-Grip

Our Overview

We’re starting off our tire reviews with the X-Grip tire, which is a touring and winter tire designed for passenger cars and SUVs. The series comes in different sizes that also suit high-performance vehicles.

Overall, the tires look very impressive, with a detailed directional tread and a cold-weather compound that boosts ice and snow traction. Each tire features multiple groove patterns to help reduce hydroplaning in wet weather.

Another winter-weather addition is the studs you can add for additional grip on icy roads. This feature is excellent if you live in areas with long, harsh winters. Furthermore, the directional tread pattern enhances braking power and effectively shortens braking distance in cold conditions.

The tires are relatively light, improving fuel efficiency by reducing resistance. This feature also makes them more eco-friendly than regular, heavy winter tires since the CO2 emissions are lowered.

Drivers are happy with the X-Grip tires overall, reporting good traction in all conditions and minimal wear after 2,000 miles. However, some customer reviews mention a few noise complaints.


Accelera Phi

Our Overview

These Accelera Phi are the Phi-R to be exact. The entire Accelera Phi tire series are high-performance, all-season sport wheels designed for passenger cars. They do come in touring tire size as well.

One of the tires’ main selling points is the 30,000-mile warranty, which covers damages and replacements.

The tires themselves offer a comfortable ride with reduced noise levels. Like the X-Grip, the Accelera Phi tires will also minimize rolling resistance, lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Because the tires are all-season, they offer good traction in various weather conditions—they also feature additional resistance to hydroplaning thanks to the specialized grooves.

The enhanced grip can improve stability and offer more precise steering and higher responsiveness at high speeds. Additionally, the excellent traction improves maneuverability and cornering.

Some customers are reporting issues in wet or icy conditions, more specifically a significant amount of understeer. However, this seems to be a bigger issue for lighter cars than heavier vehicles.

Apart from that, most drivers seem pleased with the overall performance, traction and affordable price these tires offer.


Accelera Alpha

Our Overview

The Accelera Alpha is one of the more sporty tires available. It features a pattern of lateral and straight grooves for optimal grip in wet conditions.

You’ll see a straight, dry rib in the center of the tire, which improves stability and flexibility when driving at high speeds. Next to the center, straight grooves help to evacuate water from the tires, essentially reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Further out on the tires are medium-large blocks with 45-degree angled lateral grooves. The specific angle helps clear water—again, minimizing hydroplaning—and reduces noise, giving you a quiet and comfortable ride.

These tires have received mixed reviews—again, there have been several understeer reports, especially in wet conditions. They do seem to perform much better in dry conditions.

However, the problem seems to be uneven wear between the front and rear wheels—with the front tires wearing down quicker. The uneven wear causes imbalance, which reduces traction and can interfere with steering and braking.

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Accelera MT-01

Our Overview

The MT-01 is one of the more aggressive tires available from the brand. The tires are designed for four-by-fours and are the ultimate mud-terrain, off-road wheels.

Each tire features a unique tread with deep center sipes that help to increase traction when driving off-road. The open scalloped hump will help drain water quickly and keep the tires free of trapped rocks, mud and other debris that could interfere with performance.

Despite the very aggressive look, these tires can also be used on the road. Accelera claims that these tires are engineered to reduce road noise while maintaining smoothness—whether you’re on or off the road.

Drivers are overall very pleased with the tires’ performance and look—those who enjoy aggressive-looking wheels will undoubtedly appreciate these. Most consumers reported good traction on and off the road, plus balancing seems to be easily done on most four-by-fours.

On the downside, they make more noise than what we’d like, despite the tread’s extra efforts to reduce noise. This was a common complaint from consumers.


Frequently Asked Questions


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What Is the Most Reliable Tire Brand?

Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone and Goodyear are among some of the most reliable tire brands. These are higher-end brands with affordable options. The overall quality, performance, tread wear and durability of these tires are more reliable than cheaper brands.

What Are the Best Tyres on the Market?

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 is one of the top-rated all-season tires available on the market. Furthermore, Continental SportContact 6 is considered one of the best performance tires on the market.

Do Performance Tires Wear Faster?

Yes, performance tires do tend to wear out quicker than other types, but it also depends on your driving style.

Performance tires typically feature large tread blocks that improve traction and grip on dry roads. In addition to that, they feature a low-profile sidewall that offers better cornering.

This type of tires might give you excellent traction, but the rolling resistance also means they wear out quicker.


End of the Road

Overall, we found that this brand is a good option for drivers on a budget. The tires offer decent performance and traction but will wear out a little too soon for our liking.

Although the company prides itself on its warranty, it doesn’t always pull through—make sure you double-check with the dealer to ensure you’re covered.