The Best Tires for Snow Plowing Reviews

The Best Tires for Snow Plowing Reviews

Buying the best tires for snow plowing will improve your snow removal task; this is an essential investment that will give you value for your money when working on a snowy road. They will provide your snowplow truck maximum traction, not to mention the best performance on icy surfaces.

But how do you conclude which type of snow tire is best? What do you have to look for when choosing your truck’s tires for the winter season? Read through our review below to get the right answers to these questions.

This reviews will cover the following:



The Best Tires for Snow Plowing Reviews


What To Look for When Buying the Best Tires for Snow Plowing

There are factors to consider when choosing tires for your snow plowing truck. These factors include:

Type of Tire

When purchasing the best tires for snow plowing, you want a tire that will stand the test of time when driving on snowy and icy surfaces.

All-terrain tires offer maximum traction on different surfaces, including snow, ice, and mud.

All-season tires are meant for non-winter weather like spring or summer. These tires have fine treads as opposed to the large, blocky treads on all-terrain tires.

Tire Dimensions

Another important point to consider when looking for the best tire for plowing snow is the dimensions. Ask yourself if you need narrow or wide tires before making your final decision.

Narrower tires are best suited for snowy surfaces than wider ones; this is due to their ability to exert more pressure or penetrate thick snow easily. They also have good traction when driving on snow, but narrower tires cannot take the same load as wider tires.


Typically, tires come with different types of treads for specific purposes. Winter tire treads are usually deep and blocky with sipes to increase traction everywhere, including snowy surfaces.


The majority of snow plowing tires have metal studs. But these studs have one major downside, which is their tendency to damage road surfaces. Their use is limited to specific countries.

Fortunately, there are tires with rubber studs, complete with molded holes right in the treads to increase traction. Check out these features when purchasing your winter tires to get the best product money can buy.


The Best Tires for Snow Plowing Price Range

If you’re in one of those countries or regions that experience extreme winter conditions, you should be able to find snow plowing tires in stores near you. The price for these products may vary depending on factors such as the size, model, and where you are. Some models can cost as much as 240 dollars, while others can be as low as 130 dollars.


What Customers Say About the Best Tires for Snow Plowing

Some are happy about the tires’ performance on snowy surfaces, while others are skeptical about the quality, durability, and functionality of the same type of tires, as explained below.

The Good

Most customers give positive reviews on different brands of winter tires. They’re happy about the tires’ traction on wet, icy surfaces and their good grip on snowy roads. These tires also give impressive performance throughout the winter season without stretching the consumers’ budgets. They’re very high quality, affordable, and designed to give your truck a classic look even in winter.

The Bad

Even though these tires can meet your snow plowing needs in winter, they can also cause damage to paved roads; this is because a number of them have metal studs that dig deep into the road surface. These tires are made of soft rubber material that works best in cold temperatures; this means that you will have to replace them in summer at an extra cost.


The Best Tires for Snow Plowing Reviews


Below we review the best tires for snow plowing.

Our Overview

The Firestone Winterforce 2UV Studdable-Winter/Snow SUV Tire is designed primarily for SUVs, trucks, and crossovers. The tire offers excellent winter performance and on deep snow due to its well-structured 12 32nds deep treads.

It also boasts open slots that improve its performance when plowing snow. This model also comes with a three-peak mountain snowflake designation to give it a greater advantage on snowy surfaces and is pinned for size 11 studs to improve grip and enhance traction on the snow.

On the upside, customers say that this snow plowing tire provides them with improved grip, great performance, and the ability to accommodate weights up to 2679 pounds. On the downside, some consumers find these tires, lacking siping, making them unsuitable for heavy-duty trucks.

  • Improved grip.
  • Great performance in wintry conditions.
  • Accommodates up to 2679 pounds.
  • Suitable for trucks, pickups, and SUVs.
  • There’s no siping.
Our Overview

At a glance, you will just know that Thunderer Trac Grip-75R16-265 123Q is an all-terrain winter tire. It features deep treads and siping to enhance traction on wet surfaces. The tire’s aggressive look makes it a perfect choice for heavy-duty trucks.

When it comes to sizes, this tire has you covered. You can choose a 15-inch model or go for a 22-inch tire, depending on the size and model of your snow plowing truck. You can also fix them on your SUV or other all-terrain vehicles to enjoy a smooth ride on snowy surfaces.

While most users are happy with the overall performance of this tire, some are not impressed; they claim that these tires wear out quickly and are too loud.



  • Provides excellent traction and grip.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty snow plowing trucks.
  • Performs well on different surfaces.


  • They wear out fast.
  • They can be a bit loud.
Our Overview

If you’re looking for an all-terrain tire for your truck, look no further than BFGoodrich All-Terrain-KO2-Radial-Tire-285/75R16 126R. This aggressive tire holds up well in almost all winter conditions.

Its treads provide excellent traction, a good grip on snow, and great performance in all situations. The tire’s sidewall comes with protruding rubber blocks to enhance traction on snowy and muddy terrain. At the same time, the sidewall offers protection from sharp objects when riding on rough terrain.

The staggered shoulder blocks on this tire increase maneuverability on deep snow while keeping your vehicle stable. More importantly, locking 3D sipes improve the tire’s performance by providing an improved grip on ice and snow.



  • Heavy-duty; can accommodate up to 3750 pounds.
  • Versatile.
  • 3-D siping for better traction.
  • Impressively deep treads.
  • Noisy.
Our Overview

As an all-terrain tire, Cooper Tire Discoverer-Plus-All-Season H/T 265/60R18 114 performs brilliantly on all surfaces, ranging from mud to ice to snow.

At a glimpse, you will notice a few unique features on this snow plowing tire. One is the non-directional tread pattern with a rounded profile to help your truck improve traction and make it more durable.

Wider lateral slots improve performance on all surfaces, especially wet ones. The high-density sipe placement is another feature to note when buying the best tires for snow plowing; the sipes provide a much-needed bite to drive safely on snowy surfaces.

  • Excellent traction on ice, snow, and mud.
  • Smooth and quiet on many surfaces.
  • Offers excellent performance in winter conditions.
  • Additional rubber to protect the rims.
  • Ideal for trucks and SUVs.
  • The sidewall is a bit soft.
  • Not good for heavy-duty vehicles.
Our Overview

This snow plowing tire performs excellently in both winter and snow conditions. It’s built to plow through thick snow thanks to its siping and deep treads. You can find it in three sizes, including 285/75R16 126P, 275/60R20 115S, and 265/75R16 123Q.

Most of these tires offer better stability and reliable steering in deep snow. They also perform optimally on slippery surfaces and easily accommodate larger weights; this is why they’re considered suitable for heavier trucks.

Most drivers are excited about this model’s versatility and ability to handle all-terrain, although a few find them a little bit costly compared to other brands.

  • Ideal for all-terrain rides.
  • Suitable for ice, slush, and snowy conditions.
  • Versatile tires.
  • Abit squirmy when fitted on heavy-duty trucks.
  • A little bit costly.


Best Tires for Snow Plowing Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Right To Use Winter Tires on Your Snow Plowing Truck During Summer?

No! Winter tires have different features only meant for the winter season and no other time. These types of tires are generally crafted from a soft rubber material, which can quickly wear out when subjected to high temperatures. Also, snow plowing tires cannot perform best on smooth, dry surfaces in the same way as all-season tires do.

How Do I Prevent My Plowing Tires From Getting Stuck?

You can enhance your tires’ performance by wrapping them in chains specifically designed for the winter season. But using chains is not a good idea when driving on paved surfaces. For that reason, consider adding more weight to your truck, particularly at the back, to provide more stability.


Final Thought

There you have it! The best tires for snow plowing come with distinctive features to make your task a breeze. They offer maximum traction on snowy terrain and icy surfaces without compromising your safety or the stability of your truck. Plus, the tires should fit your budget, last longer, and serve you on all terrains.

Our winner is the Firestone Winterforce 2 UV Studdable-Winter/Snow SUV Tire. This tire model provides optimal wintry performance, is versatile, and can serve different vehicle types.