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Cooper CS3 Touring Tire Reviews: A Comfortable Tire For the Road

Finding a decent quality touring tire can be tough. You want a tire that’s not too noisy and still has a good grip on the road, rain or shine. And when you’re spending a lot of money on a full set of tires, you want to make sure they’re durable enough to justify the investment. 

The Cooper CS3 could be the right pick for you. It’s a solid quality tire with superior wet and dry traction. But is it the right one for you? We’ll figure it out when we go through these Cooper CS3 touring tire reviews.

These are some of the things we’ll be going through in our Cooper CS3 touring tire reviews:

  • Who makes Cooper tires?
  • Are Cooper tires made in the USA?
  • What does the Cooper CS3 promise?
  • How does Cooper CS3 hold up?
  • Who is the Cooper CS3 for? 
  • Are Cooper tires good quality?
  • How many miles do Cooper tires last?

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Who Makes Cooper Tires?

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Started out in 1914 in Akron, Ohio. The Cooper Corporation, as it was called back then, has been a part of US history, even helping with wartime production during World War II.

The brand has since expanded its operations and bought other, smaller high-performance tire companies. These include Mickey Thompson, Starfire, and Roadmaster Tires.

Recently, the Goodyear Tire Company acquired Cooper, advancing its position as one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world. Goodyear and Cooper are both highly respected brands in the tire industry, and Goodyear is the largest US-based company by tire-related revenue.

Are Cooper Tires Made In the USA?

Cooper does make some of its tires in the USA, in Ohio, Arkansas, and Mississippi. But, like most tire companies, Cooper has taken some of its manufacturing outside of the US, to China, Vietnam, Mexico, England, and Serbia. 

However, the fact that a company makes its tires in other countries doesn’t necessarily mean the quality suffers. These manufacturing facilities comply with the brand’s requirements, and most of the design decisions are made in the US offices. Cooper also still has a strong presence in the US, just like its new parent company Goodyear.


What Does the Cooper CS3 Promise?

Before we get into the Cooper CS3 touring tire reviews, let’s look a little bit closer into the tire and its design. 

Here are some of its features. 

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of the CS3 is symmetrical but not directional, which makes it more convenient to rotate. You can not only change the position of the tire on the car but also flip it around to guarantee the most even wear possible. This also helps you maintain your car’s alignment better because you’re keeping the wheels in balance.

Otherwise, the CS3 has a low-profile design that’s common on an all-season touring tire. Let’s look into the details.

Grooves and Channels

For all-season use, a tire needs to have a tread that’s deep enough to handle some water. This is why most tires designed for year-round use include wide grooves and channels to get water to drain off the rubber quickly.

The CS3 is no different. It has four vertical channels for water evacuation and deep grooves around the tread blocks. The shoulder blocks are quite broad, which helps you maintain stability when handling.

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The tread blocks include 3D sipes to improve traction on wet roads. These tiny cuts on your tire tread help you maintain a good grip on the road. But they’re especially important for any kind of slippery conditions, like snow and rain, because they help channel water to avoid hydroplaning. This is why you’ll usually see sipes on winter and all-season tires. 

On the Cooper CS3, the 3D sipes have edges inside the cuts to make the tread tougher and increase stability when you’re turning or braking. 

The siping has another important effect apart from its traction-enhancing features. It also makes a tire less noisy and improves your comfort. And on a tire like this, designed for long distances, they’re a key feature.

Tread Compound

The tread compound of the CS3 is made for touring, which means it’s a little harder than what you’d find on a high-performance tire. Harder rubber makes a tire more durable but affects your handling. 

Cooper CS3’s tread compound is about intermediate hardness. It’s designed to maintain maneuvering capabilities in bad weather while still remaining durable. 

Important: The Cooper CS3 is an update of the company’s previous GLS touring tire. Depending on where you’re buying, you can also find the CS3 sold with the name of Evolution Tour. These are essentially the same tire, only with a different name.


How Does the Cooper CS3 Hold Up?

So now you know what the CS3 is promising to the consumer. But let’s properly get into the Cooper CS3 touring tire reviews and take a look at how it actually fulfills its promise. 

Dry Traction

The Cooper CS3 has excellent dry traction, and it’s one of the features customers are happiest with on these tires. They feel effective when braking, and the shoulder is high and marked enough to keep you stable when turning.

Sometimes a touring tire can feel a little hard to drive on, which affects the handling. You’ll often have to sacrifice some durability for grip, which is the case with the CS3. It has an average hardness level and excellent traction, but this can affect the durability a bit. But if traction is your main concern, these are a good pick.

Just don’t take these tires off-roading because they’re not built for it. You can get away with shorter distances and occasional gravel, but these are definitely not an ideal tire to use outside of paved roads. Plus, the tread compound is not strong enough to drive on rocky terrain, so you might get punctures. 

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Wet Traction

These tires also have good wet traction on pavement. The four deep channels between the rows of tread blocks do a good job of keeping your tires firmly on the road surface. And the 3D sipes stabilize and toughen the tire, helping you maintain a good grip, reducing your risk of hydroplaning.

Overall, customers are more than pleased with the traction in the rain. In bad weather, you can usually rely on their grip, and we haven’t found any bad experiences of hydroplaning with these tires.


Cooper CS3 is sold as an all-season tire, but that’s mostly true for areas that don’t see snow or ice. An all-season tire isn’t enough to handle a real snowfall, and you might find yourself in an unsafe situation. 

You might get away with driving with them for a short distance if snow surprises you. But it isn’t safe to drive on them in thick snow or ice. For these situations, pairing the CS3 with a studded or friction tire for the winter will be your best bet. 

Tip: If you need a snow tire only for a specific occasion, such as a trip, you can get some tire chains. They’re a relatively small investment, and you’ll avoid buying a set of tires while keeping yourself safe.

Noise and Comfort

Drivers generally consider the CS3 quiet and smooth, even at highway speeds. As always, there are some customers who aren’t pleased with the noise level but in general, drivers are happy with their purchase. A wide majority of drivers state that they’re amazed by the low noise levels and high driving comfort, and the negative comments are few and far between.

Tread Life

These tires have a 45,000-mile warranty, so they should last for a couple of years in everyday use. But these are average-priced tires, so they likely won’t last as long as a top-tier model. 

The tread compound of the CS3 is softer than an average touring tire, making it not as durable as you might like. Some customers complained that the wear tends to be uneven, getting worn quickly on the inner and outer edges. That said, others who bought this tire are very happy with it. 

How long the tires last will, of course, depend on your driving habits and environment. It’s not the same thing to drive in extreme cold or hot weather as in a more temperate climate. High heat, especially, tends to make rubber much more vulnerable to deterioration and blowouts because it makes the road eat through rubber faster.

Fuel Efficiency

When you drive a lot for work or your personal life, you’ll also want to save some money on gas. You’ll want a tire that’s designed to use less fuel, one of the key features of a touring tire.

The CS3 is designed for a low rolling resistance, which translates to improved fuel efficiency. The tread compound is also usually tougher in these kinds of tires, but this doesn’t apply to the CS3. 

In this aspect, we have to be honest and note that your fuel savings won’t be out of this world. You’ll always save some money with a new set of tires because a fresh tread is more efficient. The CS3 is good, but you’ll have to drive a lot to notice a difference. 

What also needs to be noted is the fact that most customers are happy with this aspect of the tires. That’s obviously a good sign when thinking about your savings in the long run.

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The CS3 and Evolution Touring both come with a 45,000-mile warranty, so you’ll have protection for a good while after buying these tires. Cooper also offers a possibility for a free 45-day test drive, so if you don’t love the tire, you can get your money back.


Who Is the Cooper CS3 For? 

The Cooper CS3 or Evolution Tour is a versatile tire that comes in multiple passenger vehicle sizes, from sedans to minivans and SUVs. But it’s better for some users than for others.

These are some of the types of drivers we think would benefit from trying out the CS3.

Everyday Drivers

The CS3 is a great pick for normal daily use, whether you log a lot of mileage or not. We’d recommend it for a family minivan or SUV, for driving around the city or the neighborhood. 

This tire keeps the noise level low on a weekend trip and is long-lasting and reliable enough for use in everyday life.

Long Distances

If your work requires you to travel by car or you get a lot of mileage commuting to work, the CS3 is a great pick. It usually endures distances well, although the tread may wear out a little faster in hotter climates.

Safety-Minded People

When you’re driving your family around, you’ll want your tire to be as safe as possible. This means you want its performance to be as good as possible in any situation, especially when it comes to braking and turning.

Overall, the Cooper CS3 touring tire is ideal for drivers who are concerned with their safety when driving. It’s obviously not a high-performance tire made for racing or quick turns, but it’s highly maneuverable at general highway speeds. 

Even when it’s raining, the 3D sipes keep the tire stable. The grooves drive water off the tread to keep the tire firmly on the road, so you can get your family safely to your destination.

Eco-Conscious Drivers

A tire with low rolling resistance that lasts in use is ideal for ecologically oriented people. When the tire is designed to have less resistance, it uses less fuel. This means fewer natural resources used and fewer emissions. 

Another bonus with the Cooper CS3 touring tire is that it’s a relatively high-quality tire. While the tread is softer than many other touring tires, it’s still durable. When you don’t have to replace tires too often, you’ll not only save money but also avoid generating more waste.

In the environmental category, the Cooper CS3 scores high points from us because of these two factors. 

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What Kind of Climate Is It Best For?

The Cooper CS3, as an all-season tire, is ideal for use across most of the United States in the summer. It generally holds its grip on the road well when you’re driving in the rain, so you can even use it in the humid South. And on dry tarmac, according to customers, you’ll also get ideal traction most of the time.

We do have a couple of considerations for the weather. If you’re living in a place with snowy, white winters and ice, we recommend getting a set of winter tires. You’ll need some tire studs or friction technology to bite into that snow, especially if you get anything more than an inch or two.

Another important thing to consider is the toughness of the tread compound if you live in an area with extreme heat. This tire might be okay for summer weather, but some hot and dry areas like Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas can make the tread wear out faster.

Overall, as a summer tire, it’s great anywhere, and if you don’t get a lot of snow, you can use your set of Cooper CS3’s year-round. And for a quick getaway to a snowy setting, you can always buy an affordable set of tire chains for extra bite.



Are Cooper Tires Good Quality?

Cooper tires are generally good quality, and the brand is considered to be above average, even one of the best brands around. The CS3 is among the company’s best-selling models, and it’s a favorite of drivers thanks to its excellent performance.

Are Cooper GLS Touring Tires Good?

The Cooper GLS touring tire was a quality tire that was replaced by the updated CS3, or Evolution Tour. The new model maintains the original’s durability and traction, and customers generally consider it to be a good tire.

Are Cooper Evolution Tires Quiet?

The Cooper Evolution, or CS3, is a touring tire that usually ranks high in the quiet and comfort category. It’s designed with a low profile that’s light to drive on and doesn’t have a lot of vibration.

Are Cooper Tires Good In the Snow?

Cooper makes some excellent studded and studdable winter tires, such as the Evolution Winter, the Discoverer True North, and the Discoverer Snow Claw. Depending on your needs, any one of these can be an ideal winter replacement for the CS3 touring tire in colder climates.

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How Many Miles Do Cooper Tires Last?

You can expect your Cooper tires to last between 50,000 and 80,000 miles, depending on the type. Their warranties are usually in this range, but the type of tire and tread have a big impact on how fast it wears out. Touring tires like the CS3 do tend to last longer than more high-performance tires with softer treads. 


Final Verdict

Since we’ve reached the end of our Cooper CS3 touring tire reviews, what’s our final opinion? We can recommend this tire to our readers for all-season or summer use.

The CS3 isn’t extraordinary, but it’s an excellent touring tire with a nice grip in both wet and dry conditions. It’s also comfortable to drive on and has a low noise level, which is essential when driving long distances.

If you get a good deal on these tires, we recommend picking up a set. Especially if you’re interested in a tire that mixes performance with durability, it’s a great option.

Check it out here.