Duck Commander Tires Reviews for 2020 and Beyond

Duck Commander Tires Reviews for 2020 and Beyond

If you’re looking for a new set of ultra-modern tires for your truck, Duck Commander tires have you covered. These tires will exceed your expectations while providing your vehicle with reliable traction on all types of terrain.

Duck Commander tires reviews show they are affordable, durable, long-lasting and stylish. What more could you want? This brand of tires will help revolutionize your driving skills anywhere, anytime.

With different models of tires under one brand, Duck Commander is built explicitly for jeeps, SUVs, pickups and numerous 4x4s to enhance tough off-road performance.

We will take you through Duck Commander tires reviews and cover key elements such as:

  • The manufacturer of Duck Commander tires.
  • The cost of Duck Commander tires.
  • Where to purchase them.
  • What customers say about them.
  • The top models from Duck Commander.


All About Duck Commander Tires

Duck Commander tires are a household name based on the hit TV reality series, Duck Dynasty. The tires are all designed and built by Cooper Tires & Rubber Company in the United States to specifically take care of different models of vehicles.

Moreover, they offer reliable on-road and off-road performance without straining your budget.

At a glance, they look like ordinary tires, but a closer examination gives you a whole new picture. The tires’ tread patterns give them an edge when it comes to traction, speed and efficiency.

Their high void tread performs better in sand, dirt and deeper mud, not to mention on wet surfaces. At the same time, the wider shoulder grooves combine with scalloped edges to get rid of mud and debris for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The best part is that they come fully stamped with their spectacular logo on the sidewall. Their warranties range from limited to a 50,000-mile tread or four-year warranty.

Different Types and Sizes

Just like any other brand, Duck Commander tires come in different types and sizes to offer great benefits.

Duck Commander All-Terrain

These come in 16 sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches in diameter. Duck Commander tires reviews show they have aggressive treads to handle on and off-road rides. These tires boast great tread patterns to get you to your destination.

Duck Commander Mud-Terrain

This type of tire is available in 15 sizes, ranging from 15 to 20 inches in diameter. They also boast aggressive tread patterns for mud runs. They are specifically designed to handle the toughest terrains and dirtiest jobs such as going off-road.

What Is Their Price Range?


Duck Commander prices range depending on the size, load range ratings, tread warranty and the terrain they ride on. For instance, the Duck Commander Mud Terrain tires have a price range of over $200 and more.

The best thing about them is that you can get occasional rebate coupons, discounted prices and special offers when purchasing them. The same case is true with Duck Commander All Terrain tires, but their prices range from $150 going up.

Where Can You Purchase Duck Commander Tires?

This brand of tires is readily available in most automobile stores and shops around the country. You can also purchase them online.

Are the Tires Worth It?

Duck Commander tires reviews prove that these products provide you with the best performance while showcasing your immense support for the popular Duck Dynasty TV show.

All you need to do is equip your truck, SUV or Jeep with these all-terrain tires to get the best outdoor fun riding experience. Each tire comes at a great price in addition to giving you reliability on each mile covered.

What Are Customers Saying About Duck Commander Tires?

The question lingering in your mind right now is whether the tires fit the bill or not. The truth is, these tires enable you to travel in confidence, safety and comfort.

While most users find them useful and dependable, other Duck Commander tires reviews don’t contend with what they offer, hence a mixture of reactions and reviews.

The Positive Reviews

Most Duck Commander tires reviews are happy with the general performance of these tires. Customers say that the tires are excellent when it comes to features and functionality.

Most are particularly impressed with the tires’ wet and dry traction, grip and off-road performance at a reasonable cost. Others find the tires to be comfortable and less noisy when doing light to moderate off-road travel. Above all, the tread warranty for these tires is quite encouraging.

The Negative Reviews

As usual, everyone can’t be happy with a particular product. This is also the case with some Duck Commander tires reviews.

Some users found these tires didn’t meet their expectations, especially when it came to rock climbing and deep mud driving. Additionally, these tires lack lateral traction because they are specifically designed for forward traction only.

What Are the Top Models From Duck Commander?

Duck Commander offers exceptional models of tires for different purposes. All of these models come at fairly affordable rates.

Duck-Commander All Terrain 265-75R16

Duck Commander’s top model is the 265/75R16 All Terrain tire. The tire features 265 millimeters of section width with a load capacity of 825 pounds. Its tread capacity is 0.5 inches, and it has a load index rating of 75.

This tire takes you to the next generation of all-terrain performance. It is also superior for every season’s traction, giving you confident highway control behind the steering wheel. Plus, it combines a rugged design and superior rubber material to give you a long-lasting, smooth and safe ride on the road.

At 1000 miles, customers still appreciate the performance and toughness of this tire. That’s why it’s a perfect choice for driving on snowy, wet or dry roads.

Some users find it a little loud on the road, while others find it not so practical for rock climbing or deep mud driving. Overall, the 265/75R16 A/T tire is efficient yet pocket-friendly.

Duck Commander All Terrain DKT73 275-55R20

Here comes another product from Duck Commander. The DKT73 275-55R20 is an all-terrain tire designed for both on and off-road rides. The tire comes fully equipped with a tread pattern for aggressive rugged traction to serve you in all road and weather conditions.

Moreover, this optimized tread enables the tire to move through muddy and snowy surfaces without compromising the efficiency of your vehicle.

This particular brand delivers a tread depth of 0.5 inches and a load index of 117 for a memorable riding experience on different terrains. On top of that, it offers a quieter ride than you would expect.

Its tread life is more than average at almost every stage of your ride. This is true based on what many other drivers say in their reviews.


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Duck Commander All Terrain 275/60R20

With a rim width of 8 inches, the 275-60R20-Duck-Commander-Tire is just right for your truck, SUV or Jeep. This model offers impressive performance and a smooth ride at a fair price. You can use it both on and off-road without worrying about its durability. That’s why it comes with a load index rating of 115 and a section width of 10.9 inches. When it comes to traction and grip, this model doesn’t disappoint. This is true given that you can enjoy many rides on all terrains, thanks to its smoothness and superior rubber material. Even at 1000 miles, the tire is still as good as new despite riding in different weather and road conditions. Most drivers recommend it due to its quieter nature while on the road.


Duck Commander Mud Terrain LT 315/75R16

If you are looking for extreme off-road traction, look no further than the LT 315/75R16 tire from Duck Commander. This model assures you an optimized rubber-to-void ratio for incredibly good performance. No wonder it has a section width of 12.4 inches and load capacity of 852 pounds, making it achieve a load index of 127.

The tire’s aggressive duck feather-weight sidewall design gives you more freedom on the road by increasing the traction and abrasion resistance.

Its wider shoulder grooves comprise large scalloped edges to give you lateral grip as well as tread lug clean-out. Based on customer reviews, this model will definitely exceed your expectations while delivering a solid performance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Other Vehicles Besides Jeeps, Trucks and SUVs Will the Duck Commander Tires Fit?

Duck Commander tires reviews show you can use this type of tire on your Dodge Ram, Chevrolet models, GMC Yukon, Isuzu Trooper, Mercury Mountaineer, Mitsubishi Montero, some Nissan models and a few Toyota models.

What Is the Main Purpose of Added Sipes on Duck Commander Tires?

The sipes play an active role in enhancing wet traction as well as minimizing the risk of hydroplaning. This is a safety feature that gives you confidence on a highway.

What Makes the Duck Commander A/T Lack Enough Traction While Riding in Deeper Mud?

The Duck Commander A/T tires lack traction while riding in the deeper mud because they have smaller tread voids. The voids limit the traction, making it impossible to get through muddy terrain.

Final Thoughts

Generally, this brand is a must-have for those trying to budget their money on quality tires. Despite their affordability, Duck Commander tires reviews prove that these products provide solid performance for on and off-road rides with minimal difficulties.