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Firestone Destination XT Review: New All-Terrain Tire

Looking for a new set of tires that can handle snow, mud, ice and gravel? Firestone has recently made some updates on the company’s off road tires.

The Firestone Destination XT is an SUV and truck tire that’s made for all-terrain use. These tires have a certification for use in the toughest winter conditions. They’re still relatively comfortable to drive on the road, and not as heavy and noisy as other off road tires.

We go through all these details and more in this Firestone Destination XT review. 

  • Firestone Destination XT overview.
  • Features of the Firestone Destination XT
  • Firestone Destination XT performance.
  • Do you need all-terrain tires?
  • Are Firestone tires good quality?
  • How long do Firestone Destination tires last?
  • Are Firestone Destination tires noisy?

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Firestone Destination XT Overview

Firestone has been going through a redesign of some of the company’s most popular models, and the Destination XT is a relatively new tire. Together with the Destination A/T2, it replaced the original Destination A/T tire that most people know as Firestone’s everyday offroad tire.

The Destination product family offers light truck and SUV owners reliable tires with good performance on both highways and off-road riding. They’re not the heaviest-duty tires, but comfortable everyday treadwear that offers great value for the price.

Out of the two new tire models, the A/T2 is the best option for those who mostly drive on the road. It can handle some gravel and light snow, but it’s not the best option for heavy offroading and all-year use.

The Destination XT, on the other hand, is great for offroading, while still remaining relatively light. It’s designed for those who live in snowy conditions and mostly drive on dirt roads, but don’t get lots of mileage on highways.

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Features of the Firestone Destination XT

So what are the important features of the Firestone Destination XT off road tire that make it great for your offroad adventures?

Tread Compound

The new Firestone Destination XT tires include an updated rubber compound to give you a better grip on water and snow. It also makes the tires more durable. Customers who bought these tires love the quality of the rubber, as the tread doesn’t chip away or tear after serious mileage. 


The design of the Destination XT is a little aggressive in order to give the tire good traction on rough terrain. Still, it’s not too big and heavy to lose on comfort when driving on pavement, even on the highway.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern is asymmetrical, so you can rotate these tires on your car following any pattern you prefer. You’re not just limited to moving the tires from front to back, but you can also turn each tire around to make the wear more even. This can help you save your tread pattern and some money in the long run.

Tread Blocks and Channels 

The tread blocks on the Destination XT are large, and they’re surrounded by deep channels for water to run off the tire easily. On the shoulder blocks, you’ll find the same open channels to improve the water drainage. 

On the sidewall, there are also large, aggressive blocks. These protect your tire’s most vulnerable spot against curbs and other external damage. If you’re one of those people who tend to eat curbs and large rocks, this can be an amazingly useful feature.


To give you improved grip, the Destination XT’s center blocks have staggered, 3D sipes. This reduces the risk of hydroplaning when you’re driving in the rain or across muddy off road spots.

One thing that really improves the traction is that the sipes in the center blocks are not shallow. They’re full-depth, reaching all the way down the tread block. This allows for a better grip and keeps the tire soft enough to drive across gravel without getting damaged.

The shoulder blocks also have sipes, but they’re straight and not as deep as in the center. This allows the tire to maintain good rideability on the highway, as well. Tougher corner blocks also add stiffness to the edges of the tire, which gives you more control and grip when cornering.

Another good thing about the sipes that run all around the tire is that they reduce noise. This makes the Destination XT relatively quiet and comfortable to drive.

Stone Ejectors

The Destination XT is also great for driving on small stones and gravel. Apart from the large tread blocks and durable rubber, the tread also includes small stone ejectors. These prevent rocks from getting stuck in the deep channels between the blocks. 

According to customers who bought these tires, you’ll likely see some small ones stuck there. But in general, the stone ejectors work well to reduce the rocks from gathering in the channels.

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Firestone Destination XT Performance

These are some of the common situations you find on the road, and how this tire handles them.

Snow and Ice

The Destination XT has three-peak mountain snowflake certification. You can check it from the mountain symbol on the sidewall of the tire. This means it’s a tire that’s okay for year-round wear, even in rough conditions, heavy snow and slush.

People who have bought these tires are generally happy with their driving experience in winter conditions. The tires have great snow traction, whether you’re driving on fresh snow or somebody else’s tracks. 

Ice traction of these tires is also good. However, ice is always tricky, and in some conditions you won’t get a perfect grip without tire studs. If the roads in your area always get icy due to fluctuating temperatures, consider studded tires or adding studs to your all-terrain tires.

Mud and Water 

According to customers who bought the Destination XT, this tire is well-suited for mud and rain. The deep channels around the tread blocks suit their purpose well, draining away the moisture so it doesn’t affect the grip.

Whether you’re driving on pavement or offroading, the mud and water performance of this tire is great.

Dry Roads 

In general, this tire has great traction in dry conditions, whether you’re on the highway or traveling through dirt roads. The tread blocks really bite through rocks and gravel, and the shoulder blocks give you a large, even surface for braking and cornering. Still, it’s quite easy to maneuver and doesn’t feel heavy.

Like most all-terrain tires, the Destination XT does emit a low sound when you use it for driving on the road. From the outside, you’ll hear the tires when driving at high speeds in the city.

Inside, the noise becomes more noticeable when you’re driving at highway speeds, and you may even feel some vibration on your arms. This can get tiring over longer stretches.

This isn’t a surprise for experienced all-terrain drivers, as the larger blocks and channels will always give you a little more noise. In its category, the Firestone Destination XT’s relatively quiet and well-equipped for the road.

Hauling Cargo 

The tough tread can also survive trips when you’re hauling heavy cargo. You can slightly over inflate the tire to handle the extra weight, and it’ll get the job done.

Fuel Economy

All-terrain tires can be so heavy that they affect your fuel economy. With the Firestone Destination XT, this doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s light enough to ride without spending too much, but if you mostly ride on pavement we do recommend a lighter tire, such as the Destination A/T2.

For those who get in a lot of mileage, the best option would be a touring tire, such as the Destination LE2.


The Firestone Destination XT comes with a 50,000-mile limited warranty. This means it’ll likely last you at least 3 to 4 years with normal wear, but you might get a couple more. 

Overall, the customers who bought these tires are happy with their durability. Especially when comparing them to the older Destination A/T, these seem to be of better quality. The tires generally hold up well without visible damage for their expected lifespan.


Given that the Destination XT has a three-peak snowflake certification, it’s generally very safe to use in rough conditions. However, how safe your tires are depends on how well you take care of them. Remember to rotate your tires at least every six months, or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

When you notice that the tread blocks are wearing thin, consider replacing them with new ones. Even though you might still be able to drive with them, you’ll be less safe because you lose grip. On dry, sunny roads this might not be as big of a problem, but as soon as it starts raining and snowing you’ll be at risk of an accident.

Also, make sure the sidewall of the tire isn’t damaged, as this part is vulnerable to breakage. If you notice the material chipping away on the sidewall, check your tires with a professional or buy a new set. This is especially important if you’ve reached the 50,000-mile limit.


Do You Need All-Terrain Tires?

Not everybody needs all-terrain tires, especially the more heavy-duty ones like the Destination XT. We do recommend them for some cases.

  • For people who live outside of the city and commonly drive on dirt roads.
  • In harsh winter climates with snow and ice.
  • To ensure safe braking in the rain.
  • For people who often veer off the beaten path.

We don’t necessarily recommend all-terrain tires in these situations. 

  • If you constantly get in lots of highway mileage.
  • For people who mostly drive in the city.
  • If you prioritize smooth and silent driving.

Of course, a tire like the Destination XT won’t destroy your driving pleasure completely even if you’re not always offroading. However, it may not be the smartest option, and you’ll get more bang for your buck if you buy the right tire for your needs.

If you want to experiment with all-terrain tires while keeping your driving more comfortable and silent on the road, go for the Destination A/T.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still got more questions about Firestone Destination tires? These are some of the common things people want to know before buying.

Are Firestone Tires Good Quality?

Firestone tires are definitely good quality, especially for their price. Many models come with a solid warranty, and they’re generally long-lasting. The redesign the company is doing on their all-terrain tires has also improved the durability of the tires. This increases the value of your investment.

How Long Do Firestone Destination Tires Last?

Firestone tires, including the Destination line, have a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. But they’ll likely last longer than that. You can reasonably expect your Firestone Destination tires to last about 70,000 miles. However, heavy riding conditions can reduce the lifespan of your tires.

Is Goodyear Better Than Firestone?

Goodyear tends to be a little more durable than Firestone in general, but it’s also more expensive. Both are well-known, quality brands that offer great value for their price. 

Are Firestone Destination Tires Noisy?

Some Firestone Destination tires, especially the Destination XT, can get a little noisy on pavement. However, most all-terrain and snow tires have a light humming sound when you’re riding them on paved roads.

What Is the Best Firestone Tire?

The best Firestone tire for you is the one that’s right for your needs. But for pick-up and SUV owners who do some offroading, we recommend the Destination XT. It’s also the best Firestone tire for wet and snowy conditions. 

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The Takeaway

Still not convinced after this Firestone Destination XT review? Let’s go through it once more.

The Firestone Destination XT is an all-terrain tire for SUVs and light trucks that’s comfortable to drive. It’s also reliable for year-round performance.

It has a three-peak snowflake certification, so you can use it in the roughest winter conditions. The tire also works well in mud and rain, maintaining a good grip and biting through the rockiest terrains. For highways, it’s a little noisy, but not too hard to maneuver in general.

It’s too early to tell whether this tire will become a favorite of SUV and pick-up truck drivers, but it seems durable and tough. We recommend you check it out!