Who Is the Largest Tire Manufacturer

Who Is the Largest Tire Manufacturer

Are you looking for a new set of tires, but you’re not sure which brand to go with? Going with a big, traditional tire manufacturer gives you a sure guarantee of quality. But who is the largest tire manufacturer?

The largest tire manufacturer globally is Bridgestone, with French tire company Michelin coming in as a close second.

Bridgestone makes durable and reliable passenger vehicle tires for all purposes. The company has a long history of innovation and quality in tire manufacturing.

Read on to find out more about the largest tire manufacturer in the world, and the other top brands.

Who Is the Largest Tire Manufacturer

What Are the Top 5 Tire Brands?

These are the world’s biggest tire manufacturers by revenue.

  • Bridgestone.
  • Michelin.
  • Goodyear.
  • Continental.
  • Sumitomo.

Now, let’s look into these brands, their history and the models they offer a little more closely.


Japanese company Bridgestone is the world’s leading tire manufacturer by revenue. In 2019, the company made $27.2 billion in tire-related revenue with its several brands.

The company started in 1930 as part of the Nihon Tabi Company and was established in its own right in 1931.

Bridgestone became the industry leader in Japan in 1953 and has since become the world’s number one player. In 1988, Bridgestone merged with American company Firestone, which, at the time, was the second-largest tire manufacturer in the US.

Bridgestone has also had significant participation in the world of Formula 1 racing for decades. The brand got its first World Championship win with Mika Häkkinen and McLaren in 1998.

The company currently has 180 plants worldwide, including 14 tire manufacturing plants in the United States.

Bridgestone today makes a wide selection of tires for passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks and off-road vehicles, so they cover your every need. It is not the cheapest brand in the sector, but the prices are still reasonable. Its tires are durable, have superb traction, and come with a good warranty.

These are some top tire models Bridgestone has today. They represent the leading global tire company’s innovation and quality, offering everything from fantastic snow traction to extra quiet driving.

Driveguard Run-Flat


An excellent example of Bridgestone’s innovative designs, this is a tire that will continue rolling after complete air pressure loss.

The Driveguard Run-Flat is an all-season tire and is the top option for those who prioritize safety when driving, even in extreme conditions. It allows you to go up to 50 miles after a puncture at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour to reach your destination safely.

Bridgestone Driveguard tires have an asymmetrical pattern, which means you can rotate them in all directions. They have four deep channels to allow for better grip in all conditions.

This tire also has a 60,000-mile warranty, so they guarantee your investment to last. This touring tire is available for sedans or minivans and is made for use in different conditions and all-season use.

Dueler H/L Alenza


The Dueler H/L Alenza is Bridgestone’s top SUV and light truck tire made for all-terrain use. If you take your SUV off-roading a lot, it’s an excellent option.

This tire has wide channels for water draining and large tread blocks with an amazing grip on any surface. The multiple sipes and variable block angles help keep this tire quiet and comfortable to ride on the road. The Dueler also has an impressive 65,000-mile warranty.

Blizzak WS80


The Blizzak is Bridgestone’s heavy-duty snow tire model. It’s reliable for handling, stopping and cornering in snow, slush and ice.

Bridgestone fills these tires with zigzagging sipes, large tread blocks and grooves that allow water to drain without losing traction.

But the best part of this tire is the microscopic tread bite particles that give you fantastic traction. This top-notch technology works much like traditional tire studs, getting you safely through a blizzard. Plus, you won’t have to worry about if regulations disallow your tires in other states when traveling, which can happen with studded tires.

Ecopia H/L 422 Plus


Ecopia is the tire for those who drive a lot and want to maximize their fuel-efficiency. Bridgestone specifically designed it to have low rolling resistance. It’s also an all-season tire that has good handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Another thing that’s incredibly important for longer trips is that it’s extraordinarily quiet on the roads. It’s also durable and comes with a 70,000-mile warranty.

Turanza EL440

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Turanza is Bridgestone’s touring tire for passenger vehicles. They are designed with maximum driving pleasure in mind. If you drive long distances and are looking for a tire with minimal noise and vibration, this might be your ideal tire model.

It’s the quietest model that Bridgestone produces, and they have excellent handling properties in both wet and dry conditions.

Tire on car


French tire company Michelin is second to Bridgestone, making $26,6 billion in tire revenue in 2019. A large chunk of this revenue, $9.6 billion, comes from North America alone.  The two companies are close, not only in revenue but also in pricing and quality.

The company was born in 1832, in Clermont-Ferrand in France, and opened its first plant in the United States in 1907.

Michelin has been an innovator in the sector, creating and patenting the first radial tire in 1946 and winning multiple Formula 1 racing championships.

Defender LTX M/S


The Defender family is one of Michelin’s best sellers.

The large tread blocks and four wide, vertical channels allow you to maneuver year-round in both wet and snowy conditions. The curved sipes all across the tread make the tire more flexible and quiet for year-round highway driving.

Premier LXT


The Premier is Michelin’s top tire choice for safety-conscious drivers. It’s designed to maintain its full braking and steering properties even when worn.

This tire works in all weather, thanks to the grooves and channels in the design, which directs water flow and helps you maintain control of your car. The multiple sipes on the tread blocks make this model quiet and smooth to drive on so that it won’t wear you out on longer trips.



CrossClimate was the world’s first summer tire that’s also usable in the winter. It’s made with a remarkable silica tread compound that adapts to a wide range of temperatures without losing its grip. Unlike traditional winter tires, the CrossClimate doesn’t include studs, so it’s also quiet and comfortable.

This tire model has a V-shaped directional tread pattern with sizeable beveled-edge tread blocks on the shoulder to improve grip on dry winter roads.

Latitude Tour HP


Latitude designed the Tour HP tire for all-season performance on SUVs and crossover vehicles. It has large, grooved tread blocks and extra-wide channels for water drainage for wet traction, but it’s not an all-terrain tire.

The tire is stable when driving at high speeds, and extra tough, thanks to a layer of aramid filaments under the tread. The tire also has low rolling resistance for fuel-efficient driving. It’s an excellent option for those living in areas with varying weather but who drive mostly on pavement.

Primacy MXV4

The Primacy family of tires are designed for maximum comfort and quiet rides. The MXV4 is ideal for those who drive long distances and need a reliable all-season tire that doesn’t vibrate. This tire also has good traction on wet and dry pavement.

Tire tread 1


The biggest tire manufacturer in the United States originated in Akron, Ohio, in 1898. Today, the company holds a fair share of the world’s tire market, making 14.75 billion in revenue in 2019. The company also makes other brands, such as Fulda and Sava, and until 2015 it also produced Dunlop tires.

Goodyear tires tend to be slightly lower-priced than Bridgestone or Michelin tires, but it’s still a trusted, quality brand.

Assurance Fuel Max

The Assurance tires are reliable all-season tires that have low rolling resistance and noise. They’re comfortable to drive on and have wide grooves on the tread to improve handling in the snow. The large tread blocks on the shoulder give you superior cornering and stopping capability.


For those looking for an off-road tire, the Goodyear Wrangler has an extra tough design and an open tread pattern. The sharp edges of the tread blocks bite into the road, even in the snow.

The wide grooves allow for mud and water to drain out quickly, and the Durawall technology protects the sidewall from punctures.

Ultra Grip Winter

The Ultra Grip Winter is a reliable tire for colder climates that provides maximum handling properties on snow and ice. If you live in northern regions and drive a lot in the winter, this type of tire is a must-have.

You can also get this tire fitted for studs if you need something even tougher to bite through snow and ice.

Tire channels


The fourth-largest tire brand in the world by revenue, Continental, has also been around for over 100 years. The company had its origin in Hanover, Germany, in 1871 and receives $12.9 billion in tire revenue today.

Continental’s German engineering and innovation makes their performance tires a favorite of many drivers. These tires are not cheap by any means, but they are of outstanding quality. These are some of their user favorites today.

  • CrossContact: An all-season tire with an asymmetrical pattern and large grooves.
  • TrueContact: A performance tire with large shoulder tread blocks for handling and braking.
  • ProContact: Continental’s all-season tire with an improved grip and sipes all around for enhanced braking.


Sumitomo is not as well-known as the others on this list, but it’s possible you’ve driven on their tires some time in your life.

Sumitomo is the name of the Japanese corporation that owns brands such as Dunlop, which it acquired after dissolving its association with Goodyear in 2015, and Falken. Sumitomo provides tires for all types of vehicles.

Dunlop is a traditional brand focused on passenger vehicle tires. Falken makes ultra-high performance, innovative tires that drive inspiration from motorsports.

Tire closeup 1


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Better Tire, Bridgestone or Michelin?

Bridgestone and Michelin are both high-quality tire brands that also hold the top spots in revenue-making. They’re very close in both revenue and quality, as well as price. Do note that both Bridgestone and Michelin tires are often high-priced tires.

What Tire Brands Are Made in the USA?

Many of the biggest tire brands in the world partly manufacture their products in the United States. Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear all manufacture some of their tires in the country, but they also have plants around the world. Buying a specific tire brand, even an American one, is not a guarantee of an American-made tire.

What Tire Brands Are Made in China?

Today, most of the best global brands make some of their tires in China, including Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and Continental. It is tough to find a major tire brand today that doesn’t do part of its tire manufacturing in China.

Bottom Line

So, who is the largest tire manufacturer? For now, it’s Bridgestone, with French company Michelin a close second. American company Goodyear holds the third spot on the list, followed by Continental and then Sumitomo.

Bridgestone, the largest tire manufacturer globally, makes top-quality tires for passenger and cargo vehicles. The tires aren’t the most economical, but they are safe and often have extended warranties

But which tire brand should you choose? The safest option is usually to go with the tire brand your car was fitted with originally. Cars and tires today are specialized and tested to excellence. It’s likely your car will run the best with the specific brand of tire it came out of the factory on.