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Lexani Tires Review

Lexani Tires is a South Korean tire maker based in California. The brand makes sporty, good-looking and affordable tires for high-performance vehicles. Lexani was originally known for making high-end wheels for luxury vehicles, but they’re new in the tire-manufacturing game.

You can find high-performance and offroad tires from Lexani Tires, and passenger vehicle tires with a great design and an affordable price.

Ready for the detailed Lexani Tires review?

We’ll look through some of the most popular Lexani tires in this review, so you’ll know exactly what to pay attention to when buying.

Overview of the best Lexani tires:




lexani tires


Are Lexani Tires Good?

Lexani tires are high-performance, sleek and affordable. They’re definitely a good value for their price, but not as long-lasting as some high-end brands.

Before we dive into our Lexani Tires review, let’s go through some of the things you should consider before buying.


Many customers opt for a Lexani Tire because of the eye-catching tread patterns.

Lexani’s high-performance tires, like the LX Nine, are very low-profile, so they look good on sports vehicles.

Also, the company’s all-terrain tires are big enough to handle gravel, mud and dirt, but they still maintain their sleek look.

What’s common for all Lexani tires is that they look best with specific rims, Lexani rims. Of course, you can also use them with other rim types.

Rubber Quality

In general, Lexani’s rubber endures a decent mileage considering the price.

Note that the rubber Lexani uses is quite hard, so mounting your Lexani tires on the rim can be very tough. It may be best to leave it to a mechanic unless you have the right set of tools for the job.

Your Lexani tires will also likely not last as long as premium brand tires. The minimum lifespan of around 40,000 to 60,000 miles, or about four years, is still very reasonable for an affordable brand. You’ll have to think about what you value more, durability or price.


Handling your vehicle with Lexani tires feels safe as they provide decent traction. However, one issue some customers report is the lack of traction in wet conditions—they might feel slippery on wet tarmac.

That also means your braking times will be longer. If you tend to drive in rough conditions, Lexani tires may not be the safest option.

We also wouldn’t recommend Lexani tires for the snow. Some Lexani models are marketed as year-round tires, but they aren’t the safest winter-weather option. They can be especially slippery on ice and snow.


Some Lexani tires, like the Lexani LX Thirty, have a tread warranty of 30,000 or 40,000 miles. However, others do not. If you want to play it safe, check out the Lexani model’s warranty beforehand.


One of Lexani tires’ main attractions is definitely their low price. You may be able to replace your tires at half the cost of premium brands and get a good-looking model to boot.

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The Top Lexani Tires Reviewed

We wanted to give you a full review so you’ll know exactly which Lexani tire models are the best for your needs. These are some of the most popular Lexani tires you can find today.

Our Overview

The Lexani LX-Six II is the manufacturer’s ultra-high-performance tire for sports vehicles. It’s designed for optimal braking and handling in dry conditions, but it also has a directional tread pattern to help drain water faster.

These tires are light and low-profile, but they have surprisingly deep channels for extra grip. Still, these definitely aren’t winter tires, and if you live in a colder climate, you’ll need another set of tires when temperatures drop.

Note that the Lexani LX-Six can also get noisy when the pattern is slightly worn.

  • Made for high-performance vehicles.
  • Good grip in dry conditions.
  • Nice-looking design with a directional pattern.
  • Deep channels to channel water.


  • Not great for winter.
  • Can be noisy when worn.
Our Overview

The LX Nine is Lexani’s top high-performance tire for SUVs and light trucks. This tire’s tread pattern is a hybrid between asymmetrical and directional, designed to give you a better driving experience in multiple different conditions.

For stability, the Lexani LX Nine incorporates wide shoulder blocks. It has great balance for cornering and extra-deep channels to improve wet handling.

This tire can even handle high speeds without losing grip, but it’s best as a summer tire.

Also, the Lexani LX Nine is unidirectional, so you’ll have to keep this in mind when rotating your tires to get the longest possible life out of them. You’ll only be able to rotate the different positions and not turn the tire around.

  • Hybrid pattern on the tire for versatility.
  • Good traction at high speeds.
  • Stable and balanced, with wide shoulder blocks.
  • Extra-deep channels.
  • May get slippery in snow and wet conditions.
  • Unidirectional pattern limits your rotation possibilities.
Our Overview

The Lexani LX-Twenty is the best bet for fast, sporty cars. It’s one of the company’s most technologically advanced tires for year-round performance. It also has a 30,000-mile warranty.

This tire has a good tread life thanks to its advanced internal structure design and great handling and braking properties. It also has good traction in the rain.

Also, the stiff sidewall is a focal point, and they’re quite low profile, but they’re also narrow.

If you order them online, note that they’re a bit narrower than other tire models. It may be a good idea to buy them in a slightly bigger size than you would with other tires, so the sidewall doesn’t look stretched.

  • 30,000-mile warranty and good tread life.
  • Strong internal structure.
  • Reliable handling and braking properties, even in the rain.
  • Low profile.
  • Narrow tire, so size up.
Our Overview

The Lexani LX Thirty is another high-performance SUV tire made for all weather conditions.

It has an asymmetrical design and a large vertical block at the center with wide, deep channels on both sides. This makes it easier for water to drain out and reduces the chances of dangerous hydroplaning.

Note that it works well at high speeds and is very quiet, even on the highway. Some customers do report vibration, but this isn’t common, and in general, the Lexani LX Thirty is well-liked by users.

  • 30,000-mile warranty.
  • Quiet at high speeds.
  • Functional performance tire for SUVs and vans.
  • Deep channels for improved wet handling.
  • Some users note vibration in these tires.
Our Overview

Lexani’s offroad tires are more all-terrain than strictly offroad. While they have tougher, bigger treads than the company’s touring and performance tires, they’re not for heavy-duty offroading. Instead, they’re best as a hybrid, from pavement to occasional gravel, snow and sand.

The Lexani Terrain Beast AT has an asymmetrical pattern with large blocks and wide channels. This will give you improved handling whether you’re driving in rain, mud or sleet while maintaining responsiveness on the pavement. Do note that braking times can be quite long in wet conditions.

This Lexani model incorporates deep block sipes to reduce noise and improve your riding experience. Still, these tires aren’t the best option for long-distance driving on pavement. If you’re looking for a touring tire, check out the LXHT-206.

The Terrain Beast AT tires are also tough, with a 10-ply construction. You can use them on a pickup truck for carrying heavy loads, and they should last a good couple of years if you rotate them properly.



  • Responsive and quiet on pavement.
  • Tough to use with cargo.
  • Responsive on snow, mud and wet pavement.
  • Braking times can get long in the rain.
  • Not suitable for long-distance pavement driving.
Our Overview

The Slayer A/T is the Lexani tire with a slightly more aggressive tread pattern while still maintaining a smooth ride.

It has multiple sipes to allow for mud shedding and grooves for noise reduction. Still, these tires can be noisy and tiring on the highway. The silica tread compound and center rib give the tires longer tread life.

This is an adventure tire that works well as a hybrid. It also has an impressive look and good traction on pavement, but it’s best on dirt and gravel. Overall, it’s a very good set of affordable all-terrain tires. As for wet handling, these tires are decent, but not our top pick.

  • An all-terrain tire that works best on dry surfaces.
  • Tough, resistant silica tread compound.
  • Long tread life.
  • Great look.
  • Not the best in rain or snow.
  • Noisy on the pavement.
Our Overview

The Mud Beast has the biggest profile for the roughest driving surfaces among Lexani’s all-terrain tires. It has an asymmetric pattern with a large shoulder block design. Also, the channels are wide all around the tread, and the blocks extend to the sidewall for extra grip.

These tires have surprisingly little noise when driving on the highway, thanks to deep sipes and curves on the center blocks. Still, they’re best in mud and offroad use.

Some customers do report some wheel hop and briefly losing contact with the ground when pulling away. This can also be a suspension problem, so if you do note wheel hop, check out if your car is otherwise working fine and that the tires are properly installed.

  • Big, high-profile tire for offroad driving.
  • Aggressive pattern that extends to the sidewall.
  • Large channels for shedding mud and water.
  • Some users have experienced wheel hopping.
Our Overview

This touring tire model from Lexani is quiet, smooth and comfortable. It has good traction for sharp turns and braking on both wet and dry surfaces. As such, the LXTR-203 can be a smart, safe option for those who aren’t looking for a premium high-performance tire.

Note that the tire’s tread has four wide, deep vertical channels for shedding water, which gives it a nice grip in the rain. Snow handling isn’t reliable, though, so we don’t recommend this tire for winter weather in cold climates.

The LXTR-203 is also a durable tire that comes with a 40,000-mile tread warranty. This is also one of the cheapest among Lexani’s affordable tire models.

  • Quiet and smooth touring tire.
  • Decent traction in wet conditions.
  • 40,000-mile warranty.
  • Affordable tire option.
  • Not recommended for snow.
Our Overview

LXHT-206 is Lexani’s best tire for SUVs, light trucks and vans for highway touring. It’s stable, quiet and responsive on dry pavement and has decent wet-handling properties.

This tire is marketed as an all-season performance tire, but we don’t recommend it for snow and ice as it can be slippery.

The pattern is asymmetrical and includes four channels and multiple sipes and grooves for noise reduction. It’s stable when riding on the highway, and the large shoulder blocks give you an excellent feel on the corners.

These tires also come with a 40,000-mile warranty, which is fantastic for the low price.

  • Touring tire for vans, SUVs and light trucks.
  • 40,000-mile warranty.
  • Quiet.
  • Has good traction in the rain.
  • Not recommended for snow.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Lexani Tires Made By?

Lexani is made by Nexen, South Korea’s first tire manufacturer. Lexani has been best-known for its high-end rims for luxury vehicles but has dipped into the tire market to go with its rims, and they’ve been well-received among customers.

Where Are Lexani Wheels Made?

While Lexani is owned by South Korean company Nexen, it’s based in Irwindale, California, and manufactures wheels in the US. Some Lexani tires may also be made in Mexico.

Is Fullway a Good Tire?

Chinese brand Fullway makes affordable tires that customers generally consider to be of good quality. They have decent traction in dry conditions, but wet traction tends to be poorer. Fullway’s tires also tend to have a shorter lifespan than higher-quality tire brands, but in the same 40,000 to 60,000-mile range as Lexani.


Bottom Line

Lexani makes tires for high-performance sports vehicles that look great, especially on a Lexani rim. But, as you’ve seen in our Lexani Tires review, Lexani also designs touring and all-terrain tires for those who put their tires through a rougher use.

Lexani Tires’ attractive tread pattern and super affordable price stand out. You can often get your hands on a set of Lexani tires at half the price of a premium brand.

Do remember that you won’t get the same performance with Lexani as you would with a premium tire brand. Lexani tires won’t have as much balance or traction in all weather, and the tires’ life spans are shorter. Still, they’re good for the price.