Travelstar Tire Review

Travelstar Tires Review

Getting new tires can be daunting. You can easily get confused. Initially, you’ll probably not be able to tell which brands are the best, which size is appropriate, or which tire types will serve your needs.

Travelstar is slowly becoming a household name, so maybe this is the tire for you. We’ll get into that in the review section.

Here’s a quick view of the well-known Travelstar tires:


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Tire Models: Why It Matters

If you’re not a tire expert, you may not realize why the model or brand of tire matters. Travelstar is just another name that can charge more as its popularity grows, right?

Wrong. Tire model matters, and aspects of their performance varies depending on the tire and car pairing.

Nobody can say Travelstar’s tires are the best for your vehicle before you try them. Just keep in mind the changes that trying a new tire brand and model can make:

Fuel Usage

According to experts, trying different tire models will give you an inkling of which tires are best suited for your vehicle, seeing as different tires have different fuel usage.

These are some things that you ought to do to determine if the tires you’re using are fuel efficient:

  • Check the fuel efficiency grade.
  • Work with low resistance tires.
  • Replace your original equipment (OEM) tires—according to one automobile expert’s anecdote, OEM tires are made to deliver a smooth ride, but not fuel or mileage efficiency.

There are countries that have tried to implement laws requiring all manufacturers to mold the fuel economy rates on the sidewall of a tire, but they never came to pass.

Ignorance by drivers is one reason the bill flopped. If they understood what role tire models play in fuel usage, they could’ve helped lobby for change.

Noisy Tires

Noise is also a consideration when talking about tires. You need to go for models that will enable you to drive at high speeds without having to worry about excessive noise in the vehicle. This is imperative if you’re driving an SUV, Buick Lacrosse, or Mustang GT.

To be clear, no one’s implying that there’s a tire model out there that’s silent. Every tire makes at least a little noise, but some at a much higher volume.

The level of noise will also depend on the design of the tread. You could have the same tire type, but if the treads are different, the ride will still be noisier than usual.

Tire Warranty

Manufacturers provide several types of warranty. Two of the most important are:

  • Treadwear warranty, for if the tires wear down faster than the manufacturer states.
  • Defect protection warranty—in case the tires have defects.

Travelstar is a world-class tire manufacturer, and that’s why it ensures you have both.

Some manufacturers aren’t as thorough, leaving you with a claim that the tires will last X years or miles, with no data or warranty to back it up.

Always buy from a brand confident enough in their product to provide a warranty.

However, you need to be rigorous in caring for your tires to ensure you’re eligible for a replacement should something go wrong.

Better manufacturers will replace the tires, few to no questions asked.

With others, you’ll get a replacement, but not before you go through a thorough checkup to determine that you’ve been taking good care of the tires.

You must prove that you properly inflated them at all times and rotated them every 5000 miles. It’s not always possible to prove this, and so you get no replacements.


Which Set Of Tires Will Satisfy My Needs?

So, now you know you should experiment with tire model compatibility. What now?

You need to analyze your needs before purchasing any new set of tires.

Driving Style

Touring tires better serve those drivers who need comfort and good response. They’ll not only offer a good grip on wet and dry roads but also provide a softer ride.

High-performance Travelstar models are tailor-made for drivers who prefer high performance sports or high-end cars. For example, the Chevy Malibu, Mustang GT, BMW x3, and similar beauties. At higher speeds, they’ll provide adequate traction in wet and dry road conditions.

Road Quality/Type

Speaking of roads, what type of roads are there in your area? Are you an off-road driver or do you only drive on highways?

If it’s the former, you need to get yourself some quality light-truck or all-terrain tires. Such tires usually offer sufficient grip on uneven surfaces and help prevent accidents.

For the latter, any tire type will do—so long as the highways are in good condition, and you don’t drive a large-load vehicle.

Regular Load

Higher load index tires will serve a driver who often drives with large loads. Therefore, if you own a pickup truck or even an SUV and have a loader trailer, a special-trailer or light-truck set of tires is your best choice.


Travelstar Current vs New Tire Model

What if you’re not a novice in the tire world, and you already use Travelstar’s tires?

You need a new spare and wonder if you should replace your complete set with a newer or specialty Travelstar model.

It’s your decision, but is it worth upgrading the whole set?

Current Travelstar Model

There’s no need to change your current tire model if you’re satisfied with its performance. You know what they say, right? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

On the other hand, what if tires by Travelstar are your OEM set? They may be the most basic Travelstar model, and not the best for your local roads, your driving style or even your fuel usage.

It’s worth doing some research into your other options, but not crucial if you aren’t experiencing issues.

New Travelstar Model

Once you’ve decided to upgrade, there are several Travelstar options to consider.

If you want a smoother ride, avoid high and ultra-high performance tires. Go for the brand’s touring or grand-touring option instead.

Don’t mind sacrificing a little comfort? Travelstar summer tires will provide you with the ultimate performance in warm, dry weather. And even though you won’t have the best traction in snowy weather, you’ll still get an excellent grip on dry and wet roads.

You could also purchase a set of their snowy-weather tires and change them out as the seasons change. Upgrading your current Travel star tires to newer models is definitely worth it if you’re optimizing your vehicle in this way.

What types of tires does Travelstar produce, anyway?


Types of Tires by Travelstar

As a driver, it’s in your interest to figure out which tire model is most appropriate for your vehicle. You don’t want to invest in something that doesn’t satisfy all of your needs and safety requirements.

There are so many ways of finding out which tires are most suitable for you. Other than asking a tire expert, you can ask friends or family members. Or, ask the advice of the mechanic who normally helps you balance the wheels.

Travelstar All-Season

Travelstar all-season tire sizes range from 14 to 18 inches. Most drivers love them because they provide an all-year grip and comfort. Just what you’d look for in a tire, right?

On top of the outstanding performance, these all-season tires have an extensive lifespan and can go up to 100,000 miles with a speed rating of S (112 mph) or T (118 mph).

Although, tires and tires and it’s not like you’ll crash if your tires aren’t ready for all seasons.

Or so you’d think.

Road safety experts are against driving while it’s raining because on average, there are over 1,000,000 weather-related crashes each year, and over 5,000 people lose their lives.

Driving in the rain a lot riskier, as rain reduces visibility and friction that’s essential for the car to be stable.

So, if you see no other option but to drive while it’s raining, the least you can do to ensure you’re safe is to get yourself some tires optimized for all seasons. Their wet-grip performance is unmatched because they’re tailor-made for adverse conditions.

Travelstar Performance All-season Tires

Do you need all-year traction and improved handling? Pick the performance all-season tire.

With a speed rating of V (149 mph) and H (130 mph), the performance all-season tire has a mileage range of 40,000 to 80,000, and their sizes vary from 15 to 20 inches.

Travelstar Ultra-High Performance Tires

You don’t just add the word “ultra” to a product that can’t deliver. Ultra-high performance tires enhance cornering capabilities and provide excellent grip.

They won’t give up on dry or wet tractions, so perform better in snow, delivering exceptional results from the moment you fit them.

What about the drawbacks? Well, in all honesty, these tires don’t really have a long lifespan. They only last about 35,000 miles, and you have to replace them or you’ll no longer enjoy your ride.

And that’s something you need to factor in before deciding on which tires best suit your vehicle.

Travelstar Ultra-high Performance tires have a speed rating of Y (186mph), W (168mph), and ZR (above 149mph). The size ranges from 17 to 22 inches.

image 1

Travelstar All-Terrain Truck Tires

Travelstar designed these tires for heavy applications and duties. So if you’re forced to change your tires frequently due to high loads, these may be what you’re looking for.

All-terrain truck tires work exceptionally well off-road and on paved roads, providing considerable traction on any surface.

The tire size ranges from 15 to 20 inches, the mileage is 50,000-60,000, and the speed rating is S (112mph).

Travelstar Performance Winter/Snow Tires

Travelstar Performance Winter/snow tires come in four sizes and can fit any car that uses the ultra-high performance tire. Also, they have a speed rating of H (139mph) and a better grip on both icy and wet roads than the ultra-high.

If you’re prepared to change your tires with the seasons, this is a tyre type to keep on hand.

Travelstar Truck Snow Tires

The name says it all here. These are only to be used on pickup trucks and SUVs. The size range is 15-20 inches, there’s no guaranteed mileage, and the speed rating is normally S (112mph).


Example Models: Travelstar Tire Reviews

Don’t just pay attention to the types of tires and their performance. Let’s choose some specific models within these types and break down their best features as we review them.

Our Overview

If you’re looking for high-quality tires but you haven’t heard about the Travelstar Ecopath AT (all-terrain), you’re looking in the wrong places.

What makes this tire special? Well for one, the manufacturers made sure this product could handle any road conditions.

In wet conditions, you won’t feel like a matador in a bullfighting arena while trying to control your car because Ecopath AT tires have great traction. The ride will be smooth and you’ll also feel safe.

During production, most manufacturers try to ensure they produce tires that perform exceptionally well on and off-road. Unfortunately, not all brands meet that required standard—but Travelstar does.

Travelstar’s tires have a tread design that makes it easier for drivers to navigate muddy road surfaces with. The tires respond well to braking, and won’t tear if you end up skidding—which is unlikely, by the way.

  • Highly durable.
  • Excellent braking and wet weather performance.
  • Don’t leak or tear easily.
  • Has a fair price tag.
  • Has a good speed rating.
  • Only 16 inches wide.
  • Not made for the snow.
Our Overview

Do you think your SUV tires are due for a replacement? Consider the Travelstar UN33 ultra-high performance tires.

But what about the other family vehicles, you ask? You can use them on whichever vehicle you want since they come in different sizes. Travelstar UN33 offers the handling and responsiveness that drivers yearn for while driving in challenging road conditions.

Thanks to the asymmetrical tread design, the braking is not only efficient but also responsive.

Travelstar knew what they were doing when they decided they needed the tread design to be asymmetrical because these tires deliver optimum performance on any terrain, be it wet or dry.

Customers love how the UN33 tires hug the road, so as to distribute acoustic energy and facilitate a quiet and comfortable ride at high speed.

Okay, so we’ve talked about performance, but haven’t talked about durability, yet.

Travelstar UN33 tires have an optimized pitch design that reduces wear, and hence, extends their useful life.

One other thing that’s often overlooked while reviewing Travelstar UN33 tires is the four circumferential grooves meant to reduce hydroplaning and effectively evacuate slush and water from the tires’ footprint.

If you know nothing about tires it won’t seem like much, but it’s an important feature in a tire especially if you want your vehicle to be highly responsive to the control inputs.



  • Optimized pitch design to curb road noise.
  • The price is within reach.
  • Exceptional performance in light snow or mud.
  • Precise control and handling.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to install.


  • Intense Road noise.
  • Difficult to balance once installed.
  • Low-speed rating.
Our Overview

The Travelstar UN99 tire is a touring all-season tire with some excellent customer feedback. Like the other Travelstar models, the UN99 tire has an optimized tread design that firmly grips any dry or wet surface.

It also has the addition of an all-season compound that helps it to maintain flexibility even in cooler temperatures.

In retrospect, this combination could be what earned this tire model its M+S star rating.

The UN99 also shares the circumferential groove feature with other models. It actively disperses slush and water below the tire, and hence, resists aquaplaning and enhances the driver’s safety.

Another feature that’s common with the Travelstar brand line is the pitch sequence, meant to negate road noise that’s normally generated while the vehicle’s tires are in motion.

It somehow creates a sound frequency that cancels the road noise even before it gets to the cabin.

  • Has four circumferential grooves to increase water evacuation.
  • An increased steering response thanks to the center rib design.
  • Optimized pitch design for a quieter ride.
  • M+S Rated for high performance.
  • Incredible speed rating.
  • Not suitable for heavy applications.

Note: If you go through the tire reviews, you’ll notice how a lot of the reviews touch on how these offer great value for money. So no one’s complaining about the price.

Our Overview

We would recommend the Travelstar Ecopath HT tire to light-truck users and SUVs. This model comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, but if that doesn’t quite appeal to you, this will:

The Ecopath HT tire has exceptional durability. You probably know by now, it has a reinforced internal structure but what you won’t know is that it also features a full steel belt construction.

Any load pressure and driving cannot distort the optimal tire shape. This is yet another reason this brand’s performance ranks among the best in the industry.

The mere fact that Travelstar Ecopath HT tires resist deformation while driving is the primary reason so many SUV and light truck drivers love them so much. Why wouldn’t they? It seems to work hard to improve any vehicle’s load-capacity index.

By ensuring there’s constant road contact, the optimal Travelstar Ecopath HT tire shape also improves controllability.

This upgraded road contact stabilizes the tire’s structure and increases the steering responsiveness while it’s in motion.

Effective control and increased load durability are the two factors that significantly contribute to the vehicle’s (and tire’s) road-gripping abilities and overall performance.

The Travelstar Ecopath HT model has an asymmetric ribbed tread design that boosts not just the dry, but also the tire’s wet weather road gripping ability.

Its tread block placement and high-density siping detail firmly grips the surface throughout the year, as the compound structure maintains flexible traction even in cold weather.

Ecopath tires won’t just last the one year, either.

The Travelstar Ecopath HT tire has an extended tread life. It can evenly distribute the driving pressure by taking advantage of the symmetric ribbed tread design meant to help it optimize road contact.

Even distribution of braking, cornering and acceleration forces, prevents irregular tread wear across the surface. Subsequently, ensuring longer-lasting usability by lengthening the tread life.

  • Increased water evacuation.
  • The price is within range.
  • Durable.
  • Has superior traction in wet conditions.
  • Superior comfort thanks to the optimized footprint.
  • Good speed rating.
  • Installation is a nightmare.
Our Overview

This all-season tire is also best suited for light trucks and SUVs. Travelstar UN66 tire provides top-notch all-weather performance and has a silica-infused tire compound, which lowers its overall weight, without sacrificing traction.

Because it has enhanced all-weather traction, these tires significantly reduce the rolling resistance as the driving pressure is low while the vehicle is in motion. That’s the primary reason your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions will be low, despite blocky treads.

The fact that it has blocky treads doesn’t mean that you must endure road noise, either. It’s packed with a variable pitch sequence that tries to cancel out any sound even before it gets to the cabin.

Why go through all that trouble when they could just reduce the tread depth? Well, ensuring that every tire has efficient traction is not the only reason treads are important.

U66 tire treads will also make it easier for you to control your car at high speeds.

  • Prevents heat build-up.
  • It’s fuel-conscious.
  • Good speed rating.
  • Affordable.
  • Reliable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Not the ideal for heavier loads.


image 3


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Travelstar Tires Good?

Customer feedback for Travelstar tires is largely positive. They say Travelstar’s tires handle well and are worth the price. Although, only you know if a tire is “good” for you. A “good” tire is a tire that satisfies all your needs. So if a Travelstar model does that, then it’s a good tire.

What Company Makes Travelstar Tires?

Unicorn Tire Corp manufactures these tires. It’s been in operation since 2007, and one of its primary goals is to make premium tires at affordable rates.

Are Travelstar Ecopath Tires Any Good?

Travelstar Ecopath tires are durable, won’t tear easily, have great grip, and their speed ratings are adequate. If that’s the kind of tire you’re looking for, then they’ll definitely serve your needs.

What’s The Best Tire For The Money?

There are a lot of brands out there that offer high-quality tires at great prices. Travelstar is one of them. So if you’re thinking of getting a long-lasting tire at an incredible price, maybe you should give this brand a shot.



That’s All Folks

Travelstar is a product of Unicorn Corporation, experts in the automobile tire industry. Over the years Unicorn Corp and Travel star have manufactured a broad line of specialty trailers, light trucks, passenger, SUV, CUV, and Ultra-High Performance tires.

In addition, these tires have been engineered and tested by one of the world’s leading facilities, to deliver quality that you can trust, and more importantly, the best performance as we showed in the review section.

There’s no saying which Travel star tire set is the best for your needs—so browse the review portion, shop smart, and see if Travelstar’s tires mesh well with your vehicle. If they’re not as great as your current tires, at least you have a pristine set of spares now, right?