Who Makes Atturo Tires

Who Makes Atturo Tires

Atturo Tires is a US-based company, but the tires are manufactured by Federal Corp. factories in Taiwan and Thailand. The brand makes high-performance SUV and light truck tires at an affordable price.

If you’re not sure about whether Atturo tires are the right pick for you, read on. We’ve compiled a handy guide to find everything you need to know about the models the brand offers for every type of terrain.

What we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Are Atturo tires any good?
  • Why Atturo tires?
  • Types of Atturo tires.

Who Makes Atturo Tires

Are Atturo Tires Any Good?

Yes, Atturo tires are very good SUV tires for drivers looking for low-budget tires. They have a good grip and decent durability and are much cheaper than high-end tires.

Atturo had some problems with customers complaining about their tires going out of round—when it’s no longer perfectly round. This was back in 2016, and the brand has made lots of improvements since then, with the tires now lasting much longer.

If you’re looking for truly top-quality tires for your offroad vehicle, note that Atturo isn’t one of the premium tire brands like Mickey Thompson. These tires are good value for the price but not as durable and tough as the more expensive tire brands.

Why Atturo Tires, Then?

Despite previous issues and not being premium, there are reasons to choose Atturo tires:


Atturo is among the more affordable tire brands in the offroad vehicle sector, likely thanks to manufacturing overseas.

If you want a solid set of tires that don’t break the bank, they should definitely be considered.


Atturo tires are pretty durable and tough and have good performance. Even if the company doesn’t make the tires in the US, they’re a good value for the price.

Atturo has greatly improved its tires’ rubber quality since 2016. The tires have deep treads and reinforced tri-ply sidewalls on many of Atturo’s offroad tires, which helps avoid punctures.


You can find most different types of tires you might need for your vehicle.

From light and quiet street models to heavy-duty offroading tires, Atturo offers tires for most drivers’ needs.

Tread Designs

Some Atturo tire models include innovative tread designs with cool-looking knife patterns. On top of giving you extra grip, these tires leave a lasting impact. Who doesn’t want to leave a big, bad knife imprinted on mud or sand when they drive?


Atturo’s offroad tires have wide channels and deep tread patterns that have great mud-shedding abilities.

The brand also has street tires that give you balance and traction in wet conditions.

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Types of Atturo Tires

Atturo tires are made for the street, heavy offroad and mixed terrain for an SUV, light truck or a muscle car. You can also find tire models for trailers that need to handle heavy loads.

These are some of the Atturo tires you can find today:


The AZ800 is Atturo’s street tire model. It’s a high-performance tire made not only for the SUV and light truck market but also crossovers and other sports vehicles.

It’s light and pretty quiet and works well on the road. The directional tread pattern gives you good smoothness in your ride and a nice grip in wet conditions. If you’re not going offroad, this is a well-suited choice.


These high-performance tires from Atturo are made for utility vehicles, from SUVs to light trucks and muscle cars. The tires are designed with a rubber that remains cool at high speeds, so they’re good for racing as well.

The AZ850 tires have an asymmetric tread pattern that offers stability and grip, and they’re excellent for street use. The solid center gives you balance, and four channels on the pattern allow for water to drain out faster to maintain control over the tires even in tough conditions.


The Atturo AZ610 tires are a touring tire that’s made for all-year-round performance. They have four deep and wide vertical grooves to allow water to drain out and smaller micro-channels that give you more traction in the winter.

The tires also have beveled edges next to the shoulder blocks to give you better traction. The wide, sloped shoulder blocks also add stability to your driving.

Overall, this tire is great for long trips in unpredictable conditions.


The AW730 is Atturo’s snow tire, which comes in both studded and standard options, depending on your needs.

This tire has a quiet, directional tread pattern and wavy sipes to give you more grip. The tread material is silica-based for better traction on snow, and the wide vertical channels allow water and sleet to fall off.

Trail Blade A/T

Moving onto Atturo’s big offroad tires, the Atturo Trail Blade A/T is a hybrid option. It’s perfect for street and occasional gravel, but not the right option for heavy-duty use on seriously rough surfaces.

The Trail Blade A/T has wide channels and an interlocking tread design for traction. The channels are horizontal at the center and vertical on the sides to help you maintain grip in mud and water.

In addition, the Trail Blade A/T has a tri-ply construction in its sidewall for extra durability.

Note that this tire model is available in both metric and US sizing for many different work vehicle types.

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Trail Blade X/T

The Atturo Trail Blade X/T is a hybrid all-terrain tire. It has a deep tread for mud, but it’s stable and not noisy for road and highway driving.

Besides, the lugs’ narrow width on the tread’s edges reduces noise, while the vertical and horizontal stripes at the tire’s center also keep the noise low and give you traction.

These Atturo Trail Blade tires are big and tough enough for sand, mud and snow, and they work decently on rocky surfaces, too.

Trail Blade M/T

Atturo’s Trail Blade M/T is a very popular model with deep, wide gaps on the tread for mud and sand. The horizontal gaps at the edges are extra-wide to allow mud to drain away, so you can maintain traction in any environment.

It’s also made from thick rubber, so it’s tough enough for rocky surfaces. The tread pattern gives you a good bite, enough even for offroad racing use.

This all-terrain tire also includes a tri-ply sidewall that’s extra-strong and puncture-resistant, making it safe for rough use.

Trail Blade MTS

The Atturo Trail Blade MTS is a new version of the Trail Blade M/T, with an updated knife pattern. It’s for those drivers who want a bit more of an aggressive bite on their tire.

The four-lug pattern at the center of the tread and extra-wide channels give you a good grip and let mud and water drain off. Also, the pattern covers a big part of the tire’s sidewall for extra puncture resistance.

Also, this all-terrain tire has a 12-ply construction to give you some extra durability and resistance. The tread blocks are connected at the center to make the tire stiffer, reduce wear and increase the tire’s life.

Trail Blade Boss

If you’re looking for an all-terrain tire for serious offroading, the Atturo Trail Blade Boss is the tire brand’s most massive tire option.

The tread has a knife design with extra-wide and deep channels. It looks intimidating, but it also gets you through the roughest terrain.

Also, the Atturo Trail Blade Boss’ sidewall has tri-ply rubber construction, while the knife tread pattern continues to the side, giving you more protection against punctures.

Note that this isn’t a road or highway tire, and it’s not quiet by any means. It can help you get through deep sand and mud, though, and it will give you good puncture resistance on rocks, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Atturo Trail Blade Tires Loud?

Atturo Trail Blade tires, like most offroad and mud tires, can be a bit loud in highway use. If you’re worried about noise, pick hybrid tires, like the Atturo Trail Blade X/T, which has a smaller tread pattern at the center. It also has vertical and horizontal sipes at the tread’s center to reduce noise.

How Long Do Atturo Tires Last?

Atturo has a 5-year warranty on its tire treads, and the tread life should be at least that long. You’ll get the most out of your Atturo tires by rotating them on your vehicle regularly and using them in the type of terrain the tires are made for.

What Tires Are Made in the USA?

Goodyear and Cooper are the only two major US tire brands that manufacture mostly in the country. Most of these companies’ tires, but not all, are made in the US. Some foreign companies, like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin and Continental, also manufacture some of their models in the US.

The Takeaway

Illinois-based tire brand Atturo Tire Company is an affordable tire manufacturer that makes performance tires, especially for offroad vehicles.

The brand sources its tires outside of the US, in Taiwan and Thailand. This doesn’t mean the tires are poorly made, however. Many of the factories in these countries are world-class, and the tire quality is generally good.

With Atturo, you may have heard some comments from users about the tires going out of round quickly. The truth is that the brand has improved its tires a lot since 2016, thanks to this feedback. The tires aren’t Mickey Thompson-type premium tires, but they have really good performance for the price.